15 Free blog directories to get you started

So you just started a blog? Where do you go from here? How do you drive traffic? You need to do some SEO work on your blog and one of those items on the checklist is having some quality backlinks to your site. Here I’ve compiled a list of 15 free blog directories where you can quickly submit to, somewhat of a starting point. Now what I say free links I mean zero dollars spent but some of them may require a link back to them. Scan through and see if there’s anything good for you.

This was a very good directory site. They claim to only take 1 – 3 days to review, possibly an average timing. An account is required to submit anything and they have this Twitter thingy going on in there. I haven’t been around but looks crazy. PR 6

On Top List requires a link back to their website. Now, they have two options either to have a text link back or have an image link back. The image link is a badge they provide you with, which is not too bad since they have a variety of color combinations for you to choose from. The posting on their live site was almost instant which was a plus. Oh, and an account is required for posting. PR 1

Very simple. Its free and requires no backlink, no account, and no hassle. Very easy to use, submit and go type of thing. Recommend you to stop by at this one. PR 4

This was not the most appealing directory I have ever seen but a directory is still a directory. The most appealing part of this blog is that its a PR 7 site. A backlink image is required, they have a couple to choose from and you must choose from that list. PR 7

This website reminded me of something from “The Ugly Truth”, but lets not go there… at least not right now. Spill Bean is more of a directory site but they have a blog section. No account is required but you do need to have a reciprocal link. PR 2

Blog Flux requires you to have an account to submit your blog. Not only that, they require your blog to be at least 7 days old and have a minimum of 5 postings already. Their reasoning is that there has been too many spam postings. I suppose its for everybody’s good. PR 2

Nothing much to say about this one except the layout’s a little bit messy. Its free with your own choice of having a reciprocal link. PR 5

The name says it all… it’s SUPER. For its awesome superness this directory requires your blog to have at least 3 months worth of consecutive postings. There were more conditions too but I got a bit sleepy after the second paragraph (sarcasm). This one’s not for everybody but if you meet the requirements, go for it! PR 5

Blog Top List requires you to have an account and at least one of two image backlinks. They let you choose which of the two you want on your site and if you put both you score higher on their “good list”. PR 1

This site is a bit confusing, but I was able to find the submit button. Its at the very bottom. There’s not many categories to choose from when submitting but its sufficient. You do need an account to submit though. PR 6

This is another directory site with a blogging section available for us bloggers. Its got a very clean layout for sure. Reciprocal link is required for submission. PR 3

The site was definately easy on the eyes. No account was required and they have a lot of categories for you to choose from. Very easy to use. PR 1

Blog Site List requires you to sign up for an account to submit your blog. The problem was, I couldn’t find the login page after I signed up. You’ll have to type in the page yourself – login.php. Once you figure that out then you can submit. The categories were hard to see so highlight the page to ease straining your eyes too much. PR 1

The site was very empty as if there was nothing there, but sometimes this is a good thing. Reciprocal link was required for submissions. PR 3

Very easy to submit to Droool. There wasn’t much to it. It requires you to have your RSS and Atom link ready though. PR 1

Here you have it, a list of some blog directories to get you going. I may have missed some valuable ones. Share yours or whatever you have and I’ll recompile the list. Note: the PR measuring tools I use has not guarantee of accuracy.

Edit – Added another one:

Thanks to Renee for giving me a heads up on this one. Large community of blogs and users. An account is required for posting and requires no backlink to them. Definately worth the sign up and checking back often to. PR 6

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