4 Tips For Buying a Used BMW Vehicle From a Private Party

Are you looking to purchase a used BMW vehicle from a private party? If so, there are certain tips you should keep in mind so that you remain smart and safe throughout this whole process. Take a look at four of these tips below:

1. Ask if the seller is the actual owner of the car

When you’re talking to the seller, you have to ask straight up if they are the actual owner of the vehicle and how long he or she has had possession of it. While you may feel awkward asking this, it needs to be done. If you receive an answer like “I’m selling it for a friend”, “It belongs to my mother” or “I’ve had it for a few months”, a red flag should automatically go up. If nothing else, this means that the seller does not know a great deal about the used car’s history. However, this could also be a sign that the seller is flipping salvaged cars to make some money.

2. Request to see the car’s maintenance records

If you’re worry that the private party may actually be flipping used BMV vehicles for profit, ask to see the car’s maintenance records. That’s because if their intentions aren’t true, chances are they won’t have the maintenance records for any of the vehicles they sell. When you do actually check out the records, make sure to not overlook the obvious. Take a look to see that the name of the vehicle’s owner is the same as the person you’re trying to purchase the used car from. If the current owner of the used car has only had the vehicle for a little bit of time or doesn’t have all of the repair history you are asking about, get in touch with the previous owner.

3. Thoroughly test-drive the vehicle

What many people searching for a used BMW vehicle don’t realize is that most cars are made to work fine for a brief ten minute drive. However, anything longer than that could result in major problems. That’s why you need to thoroughly test-drive the used BMW car. Try going fast speeds on the freeway and then passing and stopping. Also, check out if there are any steering issues by driving in a circle in the middle of an empty parking lot. If there are nearby speed bumps, those can be used to tell if there are worn suspension problems. Don’t forget to see that all the systems are properly working like the heater and air conditioning.

4. Trust the seller you’re buying from

If while you’re talking to the seller, you sense there is something wrong, simply walk away. You need to really trust the seller you’re buying from. Remember, your gut is almost always right. For example, if the seller is telling you the car is worth the amount listed on the BMW Singapore price list and that’s how much money they expect from you, they’re trying to pull one over on you. The prices of cars depend on your region and the cost that is found in countries like Singapore is different from the price right here. Similar to this, if the seller says the car has never been in an accident but an inspection shows there are signs of body work, you’re being lied to. When important factors don’t match up, it’s time to look somewhere new.

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