Home Mortgage Refinancing Loan – The Story

Home mortgage refinancing: we all hear about it, but do we really want to know about the real story behind it. To understand into the matter, we need to first find out about mortgage companies and brokers. Here is the real story of home mortgage refinancing.

As a matter of fact, the truth is that most of the well known mortgage companies and brokers are exactly like car salesmen. They like to talk with high sales pitch and possess very little respect for the consumers like you and me. These people, brokers, banks, internet portals, and mortgage companies and every single sale people related to them are all standing in line waiting to get some cache into their pockets at the homeowner’s expense.

Be amaze and be boggled in your mind. It is a fact that almost nearly everyone in the United States pays double what they think they’re paying for his or her home mortgage refinancing loan. Can’t you believe that? Well, then swallow the sour fact into your throat, because I can guarantee you that situation is what really taking place.

So, how to avoid that situation? Well, here are several tips to help you avoid from overpaying your home mortgage refinance loan. A home mortgage refinancing loan which costs $2,500, it’s actually costs $5,000 and in most cases more. Your loan broker would try to overcharge you for closing costs, and if you overpay your mortgage refinancing loan, it will cost you month after month. Had you known that your mortgage could cost you an additional $10,000 of interest charges, would you like to have that loan?

The problem that you usually face is that your mortgage company and brokers do not want to give you any option because every home mortgage refinancing loan has this profit scheme built in for the brokers. The great word is that if you discover how mortgage conceivers fleece homeowners, you will be able to ward off paying unneeded markup of your home mortgage refinance loan. Once you draw out a mortgage from a seller like a mortgage company or agent, that loan broker is citing you a retail mortgage rate of interest rather than the rate you really certified for. This markup of the wholesale mortgage rate by your Mortgage Company or broker is known as Yield Spread Premium and can price you thousands of bucks annually.

Why do mortgage companies and brokers cite you retail mortgage charge per unit? They do this to get a commission from the wholesale loaner that sanctioned your home mortgage refinancing loan. Your mortgage company or broker acknowledges the wholesale mortgage charge per unit you were sanctioned for, and for every .25% you concur to overpay, that Mortgage Company or broker is paid up one percent of your loan quantity. As you are able to see, this isn’t an inducement to maintain your loan broker reliable. As a matter of fact, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development was newly cited telling householders overpay $16 billion dollars every year in unneeded mortgage interest.

How could you fend off compensating Yield Spread Premium on your future home mortgage refinance loan? You will be able to learn innovative schemes for mortgage refinancing, including high-priced errors to avoid by continuously learn from reading literatures on home mortgage refinancing loans.

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PR – Worth the Wait

The strongest weapon in your marketing arsenal is PR. It has the ability to draw the most attention to your organization, advertise your product and introduce your company to unknown audiences. The main issue of PR is the wait. Once you start a PR program, you have a few months of ramp up time. This is the killer of most programs. People don’t like to wait for results. They want instant gratification. However, PR does not lend itself to instantaneous results. There needs to be time to ramp up the program, develop pitches, uncover stories of interest and more.

A few people start PR programs in order to “get their name out.” They have seen their competitors mentioned online and/or in publications. Now, they want in the game. The PR program starts with a lot of excitement and anticipation. The first month passes and slowly [or quickly] anxiety starts to build. The questions start coming: “What are we paying for? I don’t see us mentioned in any pubs? Where are the interviews? There was an article this week on our market, why weren’t we mentioned?” The PR person [whether in-house or agency] reviews the process. Publications, depending on schedules, run three months to a month ahead of the calendar. Everyone shakes their head that they understand. But the anxiety doesn’t go away and some will stop the entire PR program before any traction can be made.

The problem is that if they would have just waited a bit longer, the results could have been amazing. Here is a story from my past life: The company, a mid-tier ERP/CRM company focusing on the mid-market, was floundering in an over-saturated market and not hitting revenue goals. Budget was tight so we decided to put the money into a PR campaign. At first, we focused on industry publications within the space. We did a press and analyst tour—touting the new developments in the software and the company. We worked on building relationships with the editors of the publications. Slowly we began to see traction. We were being quoted in stories, contributing bylined articles and appearing in features. Then we turned our focus to business pubs. Same strategy, same results. Our name started appearing; our executives started being quoted in stories. We had editors on deadline seeking us out for quotes because they knew us and knew we could deliver. The inbound leads began to rise and we were closing a lot more deals. A few months later, we were at an industry trade show. I was walking the floor and was approached by several competitors. They said that they had been seeing us everywhere—and wondered if we had been bought by a major player. We were the talk of the show. The program continued and we began to hit revenue numbers. Like everyone else, the beginning was slow but we didn’t quit. We kept running with the program and soon it began to deliver amazing results.

You can have a similar story. You just need to stay focused and realize that PR takes time. But, it is certainly worth the wait.

Kingsoft Powerword 2007 Chinese English Dictionary CD-ROM Software for Windows

Kingsoft’s “Powerword 2007 Professional Edition Chinese English Dictionary” is one of the most comprehensive, quick and easy to use, all-in-one interactive English to Chinese, Chinese to English, reference, talking dictionary. It is ideal for business professionals to quickly find a definition to a word and terms that are unique to their businesses. It is also ideal for students to learn Chinese and for native Chinese to learn English. If you need to know … chances are you will find the answers in Powerword. The 2007 Edition has the following features:

Compatible with Windows Vista, XP and 2000, with a new and improved user interface.

The user interface can be in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English or Japanese.

Words and phrases from over 150 reference sources and databases. It has expanded to more than 700,000 example sentences in English and Chinese, covering over 70 professional and technical fields such as finance, business, law, computer technology, sciences, medicine, health, engineering.

Cursor Look-up: Simply point the mouse cursor at any English or Chinese words within the supported applications and see the definition instantly displayed in a popup box. Great for English definitions to Simplified Chinese words and Simplified Chinese definitions to English words found in a document or web pages.

Displays in Simplified Chinese and English with TTS (text-to-speech) pronunciation in Chinese Putonghua (Mandarin) and English. Common words are pronounced in human voice.

For each searched word, Pinyin and Traditional Chinese are displayed.

3rd Generation “SMART” fuzzy search including Pinyin (e.g., “*”, “?”) so you do need to spell out the word exactly.

Automatic online upgrade to the latest software version.

Japanese-Chinese; Chinese-Japanese dictionaries.

Supports Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher, Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, MSN 8.0 and RichEdit interfaces.

150 dictionary reference sources: 70 professional and technical databases including medical, western medicine, Chinese medicine, engineering, business, import/export, finance, computer, architecture, etc., 15 licensed dictionaries from world-renown publishers (e.g., American Heritage, Concise, etc.), 28 useful glossaries, e.g., China’s dynasty historical timeline, China’s area codes and postal codes, world measuring standards, etc.

After 10 years of continuing updates, Powerword is again bigger and better than any previous versions. And yet, it is still so very affordable!.

User interfaces (menus) in Simplified Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese and Japanese.

Key to a Company’s Success – An Effective Employee Management System

Every organization, irrespective of its size does have certain employees’ strength, which certainly play a crucial role to determine the level of accomplishment of that organization. The presence of an organized and efficient employee management system is a priority in business houses determined on setting up an appropriate workforce management. Most of the companies of today make use of certain software for employee management that assembles, manages as well as organizes relevant information with regard to the company employees. Certain high-end companies have customized workforce management systems to solve specific organizational problems.

Many people have the wrong notion that employee management systems are only the need of the bigger companies. Nothing can be further from truth. The fact is every company with human resources (HR) issues needs a specific system for its management. Employee management software observes keeps track of the company’s workforce and manages the functioning from any location. Through this system, the firm’s future management requirements and changes in functioning may be executed for increasing output.

An employee performance management system is the key to survival for any company. For an organization to be successful, it is mandatory that individuals holding influential positions take active interest in the workings of the junior workforce for determining which are the things needing change for bringing about better outcomes. With the help of effective workforce management processes, employees become aware of their respective roles, which are well-defined and expectedly, there is greater job satisfaction. Performance appraisal at the year-end becomes easier with employee monitoring, time sheet management, managing of employee database, information analysis, etc.

Principles related to an effective workforce performance management

• The system should be a reflection of a firm’s strategies and values. There must be some sort of commitment related to the process both from top managers to even lower level employees. Input has to be sought at all levels for gaining universal involvement. • Business goals have to be connected to group as well as individual accountabilities. • For every function as well as individual, performance measures have to be created for guaranteeing that the performance is synchronized with the organizational needs. • An ongoing feedback has to be offered, not just at the time of yearly performance review. Communications and expectations have to be consistent and transparent at all levels.

Advantages of reliable employee performance management systems

• This mode encourages constructive and open communication between employees and managers. • One can identify strengths and individual capacities along with areas for improvement through the system. • A documented and structured system breeds just treatment and objective assessment, thereby assisting in accomplishment of strategic objectives. An efficient employee evaluation system/software helps speed up the process related to discovery of productivity deficiencies for a company to survive in the competitive market. Extensive, jumbled up, raw data can be processed into simple and comprehensible graphs and charts for the assistance of an evaluator. • The process is ideal for proactive, self-managing individuals. Through the organized employee management process, there is consistency achieved in setting of goals, supervising performance and even officially reviewing the performance.

In the long run, there is reduction in the management costs, which result in increased profit percentage as well as reduced financial burden of the company. This is a very flexible way of management and can be suitably fitted into any company’s functioning techniques. Certainly, a positive work environment can be created through installing an appropriate workforce management process. Everyday, increasing number of firms are waking up to the advantages of using the system in the workplace. Employees are also attracted to such organizations having a professional environment. You should do a comparison of the features and benefits offered by a few providers of employee performance software and settle for the one, which will fulfill your organizational needs and objectives.

Investing In Gold

Read About Investing In Gold Gold is been a commodity that has always been sought after. Gold has been used for decoration, jewellery and even play a great role in economies with its value. Even technology has moved into using gold in many fields because of its special properties and many uses. Gold has a rising demand today, and more and more people are realizing how profitable this kind of investment is, as long as you can position yourself in a safe and advantageous way, profits would surely be rolling into your accounts.

What You Need To Know To Start Investing In Gold

Getting started in this investment, you would need to have money to get started. Buying gold is the most important part of getting started. Gathering funds to make these purchases is what you need. Money cannot be easily acquired and the best way to get started is save money from a day or regular job. Having enough resources going into this investment is important, it would support you while you are still starting to earn from the investments you make. Start out by buying gold in quantities that you can afford. Selling them doesn’t stop you from getting profit. You can hold on to your gold and sell them in the future, it has been proven that gold has never depreciated, its value always increases every year.

Opposed to currency Gold is not affected by inflation, the truth is gold actually is gaining a higher value with inflation. Start making money by investing your money in gold. Investing in gold would yield its profits slowly but steadily, you can start out by buying and selling, and then hold on to some amount of gold to increase its value over time. Just repeat this process until you can grow this business. Gold never losses its value compared to currencies and other commodities that are affected by inflation and other economic forces.

Investing In Gold Over Time

Start Investing In Gold Today When you have gotten the ball rolling with buying and selling gold, you can now establish a bigger capital in investing larger amounts of money to larger amounts of gold which would simply multiply the power to profit faster and increasing the value of your gold. Other economists may say that gold would be outperformed by other equities in the long run, but you should also consider that gold works slowly but steadily, and with little or no risk of losing. Bigger amounts of gold would simply bring higher profits when you sell them, you just have to be patient in this investment and you can be assured of profit in the long run, focus on increasing you gold values and amounts and returns and profits would surely be rewarding. Patience and determination to profit is needed in this investment.

Make Money Gold Investing Plus Image Recommend Resources For Starting to Invest In Gold

A Guide to Investing in Gold – Click Here To Learn More

A Guide to Investing in Gold Written by Dean Brown

This book reveals the reasons why and the methods of how to invest in Gold regardless of if you trade or invest in stocks, futures or forex. It is written in laymen’s terms, allowing investors of any experience level to comprehend.

I highly recommend you consider this book as your next step to preparing yourself to start Making Money Investing In Gold.

Internet Writers Have Plenty of Opportunity

The Internet has transformed life in a positive way; it has become the most important medium and its strength seems to grow each day. It is the first place that people go to find out more on virtually every subject. It has therefore become the logical place for business to concentrate its marketing energy. There has never been a better opportunity for a business to seek out its market. If a business can identify its market and devise a strategy to reach it then it has every chance of a successful future.


The key to success is for a business to create a visible website. That involves reaching a prominent position in the popular search engines. They identify the best websites that will satisfy an enquiry, general or very specific. Visibility involves technical expertise but it also requires the ability to write with authority, writing that can create and maintain an audience. The Internet has created a whole new profession. It is commonly known as blogging. Some writers create their own blogs and in time attract an audience that in itself is valuable. Others are happy to write as guests for existing blogs or for companies that want help with the development of their online presence.

It has never been easier to communicate at every level; it is potentially communication on a global scale without a single boundary and it is virtually instant. Those who develop the writing skills to help achieve success for their clients can gradually create a full time career for themselves. In the short term they can work in their spare time and make extra money which may be a way to reduce existing debt. That debt would be thus settled more quickly than would be possible from the money currently coming in each month from full time work. It may be just the thing to encourage people to take out low interest loans because repayments would suddenly be affordable at this website.

The Present and Future

That career can become as secure as the Internet has become. There is little doubt that the Internet is the present as well as the future. It has the potential to create communities, to share knowledge without boundaries. It is virtually free and the fact that it is interactive and regularly updated makes the Internet’s properties unique. Why would you not want to be part of the future with the opportunity to make money at the cutting edge of the modern day?

Even the best of writers will need to think about their style. Will it appeal to the ordinary people that go online each day? They are all looking for information and often the best way to achieve that is to open a piece with a sentence that demands the reader reads on. It is perhaps obvious. It may not come easy but skills usually develop over time. It is not a matter of using long sentences and big words. Writing for Internet clients is different from writing a technical paper for academic examination. Typically there are websites that act as ‘middlemen’ for companies seeking writers and writers making out their individual cases as to why their applications should be approved.


In the early days many writers may find rejections on a regular basis. They need to persevere; perhaps not aiming too high until they can build up a portfolio. They need sufficient positive reviews that companies will at least consider the application. Few writers are experts on a huge amount of subjects. The Internet which is the potential source of a future career is also the medium that helps writers do their own research prior to beginning a writing project.

Every writer needs self discipline. People able to work from home can avoid traveling during rush hours in all weathers. That is great but they must ensure that they decide on working hours each day and work to those hours. It is not always easy particularly on sunny days where it is tempting to drop the schedule in favor of a day off. Why not have a cold beer at lunchtime? Writing for Internet clients can be profitable. It will allow those who are successful to have that cold beer on regular holidays.

Internet Income 2020

I just took some time to count the internet income made throughout 2008 and it wasn’t much. Some bloggers are making my total month after month. I just wanted to know how I did in 2008. So I can do much better in 2009. After looking at what I earned and where I earned them I see what I need to focus on. For 2009, I really want to build a passive income that keeps on coming in day after day, week after week, month after month. So I am taking the time to study many different ways I can go about that.

Lets check out my gross internet income for 2008 Direct Ad Sales: $180

Ad Networks: $200.90

Affiliate Marketing: $125.95

Domain/Website Flipping: $371.16

Services: $217.05

Paid To Click (PTC): $58.77

Poker: $17.06

Total Gross Internet Income Of 2008: $1,170.89

As you can see the top income is domain and website flipping. I absolutely love flipping websites. I can create something beautiful, take some time to promote it and bring in an income, and then sell it to someone will take it to the next level.

My plan to build passive income is promoting online casinos and poker rooms. As you can see I started adding reviews to this website but I will be making a blog just for promoting online casinos and poker rooms pretty soon. Maybe ill pick one pokerroom to focus on and see how far that takes me.

From my research the best way to build passive income is 3 ways. 1) Have your own product. I am planning to write another ebook but this time it will have its own domain and I will pay someone to do the landing page. I just might get it into clickbank. I am not sure as of yet.

2) Promote a product or service that has recurring payment. Good thing for me, I started promoting online casinos and pokerrooms. I just have to take it to the next level and focus on promoting one or two casinos and/or pokerrooms.

3) Get affiliates to sign-up under you for affiliate programs. This can be easy at times and hard at other times. Most affiliates see a website name and type it in directly. You get lucky when you have the link in a very informative article or review of the affiliate program. Try to focus on getting affiliates to sign up under you for affiliate programs that will pay you 5% – 25% of their earnings for life.

I got affiliates for adbrite and widgetbucks but no affiliate programs that pay you for life. Those ad networks only pay you a percentage of your affiliates earnings for the first year. The income is nice, just wish it was for life. 🙂 So for 2009, the focus is passive income. Making an ebook, promoting pokerrooms, and getting more affiliates to sign up under me in affiliate networks and ad networks.

What Makes An Incredible Blu-Ray Participant?

As an alternative, new subscribers will obtain a bonus to improve throughout their first month. Shares of Kohl’s rose 1% in premarket buying and selling, bouncing again from earlier losses after reporting outcomes for its fiscal first quarter. Shares rose 3.5% in premarket buying and selling. Worldwide benchmark Brent crude traded 20 cents larger at $35.01 on Tuesday, whereas the WTI contract for July ship rose 24 cents to $31.87. On Monday, WTI surged 8.12% to settle at $31.82, the best stage in greater than two months. The worth goal is greater than 37% above the place buying and selling closed on Monday and is the very best amongst main analysts on Wall Avenue, in accordance with FactSet. The inventory spiked practically 20%.

The inventory rallied 7.3% on Monday. Shares of Moderna had been down 6% in premarket buying and selling after the biotech firm introduced that it was elevating $1.Three billion with a secondary inventory providing. Shares of Walmart gained 3.8% in premarket buying and selling after the retailer reported its first-quarter earnings, displaying would increase in similar-retailer gross sales and e-commerce. Shares of Dwelling Depot fell about 2% throughout Tuesday’s premarket buying and selling after the free netflix trial by android fix corporate missed earnings expectations in the primary quarter due to greater coronavirus-associated prices. Tuesday’s transfer builds on current energy, which has seen oil put up three straight weeks of beneficial properties.


The promotion was pushed by the most important outflows from single stocks within the agency’s knowledge historical past since 2008. “All three consumer teams hedge funds, institutional and non-public shoppers offered equities at close to-report ranges. Institutional shoppers have been the most important sellers, whereas hedge funds have the longest promoting streak five weeks,” mentioned Financial institution of America Securities fairness and quant strategist Jill Carey Corridor. There are many leisure methods out there corresponding to Bose SoundDock 10 gives good sound from a single compact speaker, comes with classy minimalist design, fills a big room, easy to function, and performs loud without distorting. Steep manufacturing cuts in addition to a rise in demand as states reopen economies are fueling the rally.




Who said Zombie cannot trigger a gun? This game is the prove! ARMY VS ZOMBIE is the push forward tower defense game which you will fight against troops of zombies holding the guns, riding vehicles from 20th century! Save the world from this invasion as you are the soldier who have been sent from the future with the high tier weapons. Cooperate with the allied force to get rid of the Zombies!

Available on the appstore

ARMY VS ZOMBIE from GRIZZLE is the push forward tower defense game like “Samurai VS Zombies” as mentioned in my previous review. The game illustrates the story during the world war II. Hitler uses his secret military tecnology to forming the immortal walking troops who never tire of fighting but more important thing, they can trigger guns! The situation of the battle is changed instantly, the world is now chaos in the Zombie invasion. In the meantime, people miserable with no hope. The soldier equipped with hi-tech arm shows up! the fate of the mankind is in your hand as you are the leader in the battle field! Blast zombies then capture all their bases around the world.

In ARMY VS ZOMBIE, You will control the man with a mech-arm and your mission is to capture the zombie bases around the world. The undead walking troops will be sent from the enemy fortress on the most-right of the screen. You can tap left/right to control your hero movement, once he engages the zombies he will fire his shotgun automatically as the range attack, he will kick the zombie if he approaches them in the melee range (I don’t understand! why don’t he punches em’ with his mech-arm!). By the way, only you cannot win the power of the undead troops. Recruit your comrade with the oil which will be increase in a period of time.

Like in “Samurai Vs Zombie“, the hero must be the strongest character who can be relied by the mankind. He will have skills which can change the situation of the battle field. The initial skill you will have is the big bang punch, your hero will charge the power on his mech-arm then blast out the punch! All zombies in the damage area will be pushback and stun for a period of time! After clearing the prerequisite stages, other useful skills like protect shield (by the way, in the game it shows at “prodect shield”) will be unlocked. One more thing, in some stages, there will be the mech-suit which your hero can jump in then Rock N’ Load!

The allied units are the important factor to grasp the victory in ARMY VS ZOMBIE as mentioned that only you can win this battle alone. The infantry unit will be there with you at the start of the game. In order to recruit them, you need to pay 20 Oil for each unit. Personally, I uses Jeep (35 Oil) to clear most of stages since they have moderate hp and attack but high mobility. If you play through the prerequisite stage, more unit will be unlocked. There is the healing units like Ambulance or other high attack with hp like Commander. As the exchange for the awesomeness, the higher tier units will consume much more oil as the summon cost.

This war could take long! the shop is the mandatory to place to upgrade the unlocked units and heroes as I mentioned above. Currently I have upgraded my Jeep to level 15 but not sure what’s the maximum level will be. You can design your own battle strategy, upgrade the units with the money obtained from each battle! Moreover, this shop also offers the items which reinforce your hero and the allied units, there are some useful items like the bullet which will increase the allied unit attack by 30%, you can choose the item your choice to change the destiny of the battle.


The stage in this game represents in a world map which you should clear in each stage then across to another country, there are 3 difficulties for you. In order to unlock all units and obtaining money and rewards easily. You should clear all of them from the “easy” one first. You can obtain more bonus coin from this easier as well.

Currently,I have passed to level 20. With the Jeep unit I have mentioned. In this game the oil consumption is mostly double for each higher tier unit. You should compared them wisely before upgrading any units. At level 14 Jeep will have 409Hp and 193 Attck, If compared with the summon cost which is only 36 it’s worthly. I use this unit with a gang of Ambulances (75 Oil) to push enemy back. By the way, my strategy cannot be done with the protect shield and Big Bang punch. Once you push to the front of enemy fortress and dealing damage to it for a while, there will be the large wave of enemy comes out for 1-3 times. What you should do is to use the big-bang punch to make them stun and let your allied firing on them. You could also activate your protect shield and stand in front of the battle line to prevent damage to your troops as well.

What’s your tactics? Please share it to us in our DISCUSSION BOARD!

In conclusion, ARMY VS ZOMBIE makes me addict to it. With a nice graphic and cool music that march you to the battle field. The gameplay is different from other tower defense game (Especially, for those who like to see Zombies firing the gun like me). When you struck in some levels you can also play the previous stage to farm up gold coin (That’s what I really like compared to SvZ). So many unlocks and tactics you can design. With the price of 1.99$ it is worthly!

Android Apps And Google Fragmentation

One of the biggest strengths of the Android OS is that fact that it can run on so many different devices and the global growth where they are now the market leader. Android looks to maintain that lead for many years. But it is that strength which has turned into its growing weakness which has manifested itself in fragmentation of the market. While it does look like Android updates are not supporting all the phones, a bigger issue may be the problems with Android apps which are not keeping up with all the phones which could be a bigger problem.

If you start to look at all the various types of phones which have to be supported, it quickly starts to show the problems that app builders have to contend with. Just look at the size of the screens across all the various handsets and if you have something that has intense graphics such as a game, you see the problems which start to emerge. A 4 inch screen versus some of the newer 4.5 and larger screens have to have code written for the size of the screen. If you have done that for Android 2.2, that does not mean that the same will run correctly under Android 2.3.

In the market right now, you can walk into a wireless carrier and find Android phones which are running different versions of the Android OS for sale. That is the basis of the problem and should not be the case. The bigger problem is that these different Android OS phones cannot always purchase and run the same Android apps. That is a recurring theme in the complaints that are being made. Let’s say you have an Android phone which is running Android 2.2 and your friend shows you a really great app on his Android 2.3 phone that you really want to have. It could be that you cannot download that great app because it is only supported on Android 2.3. This is part of the bigger problem that Google has to figure out a way to resolve for the long term and all the coming Android phones with ICS.

CNet is currently running a survey about whether Android phones are upgradable enough and at the moment, 70% of the responders are saying NO. While they only have 715 people responding, it is an indication about how people feel about the Android OS. If the general perception is that they are not, what is that going to mean for the market for those Android phones? Apple has proven that their phones going back to the iPhone 3GS can support the most recent iOS 5 version. There are reasons that the Android OS cannot duplicate this, but they need to come a lot closer than they currently are.

Most of this current rise in questioning Android versions came about because of Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) which is Android 4.0. When it was reported that Android 4.0 would not run on Nexus One it created a lot of questions about all the different versions of Android that are still in the market and being sold on new phones.

Hopefully with ICS, many of the app problems and compatibility are resolved. 0