Blogging Tips to Get More Traffic

You’ve got your blog and now you’re ready for some traffic. Feeling stuck as to what to do next? Here are ten solid tips to get your more traffic coming and coming back to read your posts and interact on your blog.

1. Post Regularly – Not all blogs will require you to post daily but keeping your blogging to consistent and regular posting is very important to keep your visitors interested.

2. Comment on Blogs – Visit other blogs that talk to the same target market as you do and make valuable comments. Don’t just leave a one-liner comment and never return. Visit once a day or once a week and make comments on posts you feel you can add value to or create an interesting discussion about.

3. Comment on Your Blog – When people make comments on your own blog be sure to reply to them. There’s nothing wrong with posting on your own blog and by replying when people ask questions or make comments you will show that you are available and listening rather than just throwing out content.

4. Participate on Social Networking Sites – Now there are a lot of social networking sites and I won’t profess to know a lot about most of them but a few sites you’ll want to check out for your blog are and You might also want to try out Twitter and Facebook. There are hundreds of sites out there that involve the participation of people signed up to vote on or join blog groups. Just pick one or two to start with and participate. Just be careful you don’t spend more time on these sites then you can afford to.

5. Link to Previous Posts – When writing new posts draw users back by linking to past posts that are related.

6. Network on Forums – This might sound a little old-school but if you become a regular contributor to a number of forums you can establish a bit of a following there as people come to know, like and trust you. Most forums allow you to put your signature with a link back to your site. Use this signature to link to interesting or controversial blog posts and you’ll start seeing some traffic from this. Watch the forum topics to see what gets that most comments and write a blog post with your opinion or take on the topic.

7. Guest Post on Popular Blogs – Using the leverage other blog owners have with an established audience is a great way to gain more traffic to your own site. Find a blog owner who is willing to let you post your original article on their blog in exchange for a link to your own site.

8. Track Visitors – Ok, most of my clients hear me tell them they need to be tracking because I say it all the time. It’s so important to know where your visitors are coming from and your blog is no exception. Track the keywords people use to find your blog and the sites that have referred others to your blog. Once you start to see a pattern, keep doing the things that brought those visitors to you.

9. Add Massive Value – Don’t just make little posts just for the sake of posting. Make sure your blog posts add a lot of value and give away what your visitors are looking for. You can start to create a list of posts that are of high value and link to those posts on a different page like an ‘articles’ page.

10. Link Out to Other Blogs – Make a regular habit to link out to other blogs where appropriate. If the other person is using a wordpress blog they will be able to see as soon as they log into their blog that you linked to them. You can also use a ‘trackback’ to link to other blog posts that you find interesting and relevant. When you start linking out to others on a regular basis over time you will notice that more people will link to you when they have reason to.

These 10 Tips are just a start to your blogging traffic building strategies. Don’t forget that getting people to your blog is just the start of building that relationship with them. You don’t have to be perfect or worry about doing everything listed. Just keep consistently working on your blog and providing great value and you shouldn’t have a problem attracting those who want to read what you have to offer.

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