Cloud Phone Systems and Hosted PBX

Many business owners automatically assume that Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony is the best service available. It’s a pretty common conclusion to come to. The Arizona-based research company, In-Stat, has forecast that VoIP penetration will reach 79% of U.S. businesses by 2013. That’s a pretty impressive take-up. The truth is, though, that due to this level of saturation, VoIP technology doesn’t really give you that much of a competitive edge. If nearly everyone has it, how are you going to find a solution that offers a real competitive boost?

Move Beyond VoIP

The best way to out-do your competitors and gain a real business advantage is to go one step further and adopt a full cloud-based telephony solution. This solution is effortlessly suited to the needs of companies in Denver and Colorado. Cloud-based telephony does exactly what it says on the tin. You get a full-fledged business phone system with none of the hassle or expense of having complicated infrastructure on your premises. The whole thing runs on the infrastructure of Denver Networks and, in doing so, provides an unparalleled combination of cost savings, increased productivity, powerful features, simplicity and flexibility. Those are some pretty serious advantages over Colorado VoIP solutions and legacy PBX systems. The benefits of cloud-based telephony are numerous and are ideally suited to the priorities of small and medium-sized businesses.

What are the Benefits?

Cloud-based telephony services from Denver Networks meet the communication needs of many companies and can serve as a platform from which business can enjoy rapid growth.

Cost savings without sacrifice

– cloud-based telephony offers significant cost savings without the need to sacrifice power or reliability. It provides all the features of legacy phone systems (and more) but costs significantly less. There are no upfront equipment costs, so is infinitely more cost efficient than premise-based IP PBXs.

Sophisticated call handling and routing capabilities

– features of cloud-based telephony include advanced queuing, dial-by-name, ring groups, voice mail to e-mail, follow me mobile integration and on-screen call handling.

Easy integration with CRM (customer relationship management)

– provides benefits like improved automation, call logs, call recording and exciting conferencing capabilities.

Near-zero downtime

– our SLAs guarantee 99.9% system availability.

Increased productivity

– enterprise-grade features allow employees to communicate more effectively, work more productively and ensure customers are happier.

Unified communications

– combines voice, IM chat and e-mail in a single application. It’s all accessible through easy-to-use on-screen software. A reduction in the time spent trying to contact customers and colleagues results in greater productivity for your business.

Speed and flexibility of deployment

– your business can respond as quickly as your environment demands. Deployments that may have previously taken weeks can be operational within hours. Adding additional users is a simple process and you can provide specialized features to just one or all of your employees.

Simple acquisition, operation and ongoing management

– there’s no need to worry about complex warranties and upgrades as in the case of purchased equipment. It’s a fixed monthly payment according to how many users you want to support.

Cloud-based computing affords the smallest of enterprises the professional and consistent communication capabilities previously enjoyed by only the largest corporations. It makes good business sense to migrate your business telephony requirements to our cloud-based service. It’s commonly thought that it is only feasible for companies in Denver to upgrade their telephony solution when factors like growth and obsolescence make the old system unusable. The truth is that it’s not really necessary to delay having the benefits of cloud-based telephony until some big life-cycle event occurs. The benefits are about so much more than simple cost-savings. It’s about increasing productivity and better customer service. Those are two advantages that make excellent business sense at any time.

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