Create Free Website and Do Much More With Microsoft Office Live

Now a days if you have business then it is must to have an online presence. To have professional presence on the net, you must create a website. Thought it is quite cheap to buy domain and webspace now, creating a good and easy to use website and maintaining it can be tedious.

No worries! As Microsoft is offering free webspace and website creating tool through its Office Live platform. It allows you to create a website even if you do not have any experience through a step by step wizard with instructions. You site could be ready in 3 simple steps:

1. Select your template 2. Customize your site 3. Add a custom domain ( or you can also have a 4th level domain like To add custom domain you will need to pay for it.

You also get a host of business web applications. To register a custom domain you will have to pay $14.95/year in the US and $6.99 in India. 500 MB of webspace is free and then you can by additional space – 1GB for $4.95/month, 2GB for $8.95/month and 5GB for $14.95/month. You can also use you site as multi user with upto 5 user it is free and then you can increase it 10 users for $14.95/month, 25 users for $34.95/month, 50 users for $64.95/month and 75 users for $84.95/month. One can create upto 100 email accounts. Premium ad free email accounts are available at $19.95/year.

Online storage and document sharing via Windows Live Skydrive which provides 25 GB of free space. please note Office Live Workspace is going to be upgraded to Windows Live Skydrive. A contact manager to take care of your sales leads, tracking customers, mailing list etc.

Though Office Live you get free hosting, free templates, email account and what more you even get free support. To avail this free service all you need to do is sign-up if you do not have a Windows Live ID (Live, Hotmail or MSN email account). If you have a Windows Live ID then you can just login at and you are good to go!

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