Getting The Most Out Of Your New Business Sign

Business signs can be lighted boxes placed over the door of your establishment, block letters on poles in front of the mall or shopping center, or a billboard directing customers your way. When it comes time for you to put up a business sign, there are a few things to consider if you want to get your money’s worth.


Your sign needs to have enough information about the business that people seeing it will know what you do. For example, if the name of your business is Haifa’s, people will not have any idea what the business is. On the sign, under the name, have some type of business description. If Haifa’s is a sport-clothing outlet, add that in smaller letters. If possible, you should also include the phone number for the business on the sign. This is especially important for signage that is not on the building or in the parking lot. Potential customers might want to call for a bit of information before stopping in.


While you want the colors to stand out, you don’t want them to clash. Make sure the text is visible on the background color. In addition, do not use fancy letters or script that is hard to read when driving by. It is a good idea to use capital letters only for the first letter of a word as this makes it easier to read.


You want the sign to be large enough to see and read it before whipping past in a car. However, you don’t want it so large a person has to turn around to see the whole thing.


If you are allowed to have a pole sign of your own, in the parking lot, make sure to put it on the same end of the center your store is located. Customers may not want to drive or walk all over the place trying to locate your place. Any signs on your building should be above the door so people driving by can see it. You should also have your name, logo and phone number on the door for pedestrians. Billboards should be situated on the same side of town as your business, preferably within a few miles. If it is too far away, potential customers will be more likely to have found a different place, offering the same thing, while trying to get to yours.

Take advantage of business signage. When you initially have one made, ask to have a few extra plastic logos printed up. You can use these as temporary signs for special events, or as a template for future permanent signs. A printing company, such as Cardinal Sign, can print a few extras in the same run easier than starting from scratch on subsequent printings.

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