How it happened for me

I guess you can imagine the kind of excitement I felt when my SizeGenetics system arrived (in a very discreet package). I couldn’t wait to get to my room and try the traction device on.

It was early in the morning when my package arrived, and I was in the middle of getting ready for work. But I was so impatient to do something about my small dick that I just had to try it on there and then. It proved to be pretty easy to fit on and adjust. I had only planned to try it out, then take it off before I went to work, but it was so comfortable that I decided to take a risk and keep it on all day. I took the travel bag with my in my briefcase so that I would be able to take it off and put it away if I needed to. The only thing I needed to do to accommodate it was to wear a fairly baggy pair of trousers.

I didn’t need to take my SizeGenetics penis enlarger off for the entire day at work. I was really amazed. Of course I was very aware of it for the first few hours. But it wasn’t really any kind of discomfort, just the feeling of pressure and tension that I wasn’t used to. That afternoon I was in a really important meeting for about three hours and when it finished I realized to my amazement that I hadn’t thought about my SizeGenetics traction device at all during that time. This was a real surprise to me. I had expected a certain degree of discomfort, and was prepared to endure that for the sake of penis enlargement, but it appeared that the traction wasn’t going to be uncomfortable at all.

That pretty much set the pattern for me for a while. I would wear the traction device at work all day, and the only drawback was that I couldn’t wear tight trousers. Then, after a while, I decided to try wearing it at night while I slept. This turned out to be extremely easy. Some guys report that they can’t wear the SizeGenetics device in bed because it keeps them awake, but I was lucky not to have that problem.

Of course, for the first few weeks I was rushing home to get the tape measure out every day. Sometimes even twice a day, to see if there was any gain yet. Of course there wasn’t, not for the first few weeks. The first thing I noticed, after about three weeks, was that my penis felt a little fuller, a little heavier when I wasn’t wearing the SizeGenetics. A couple of weeks after that I could see the first gains in length and at the end of six weeks my tape measure showed I had gained half an inch in length and three quarters of an inch in girth. I can’t tell you how excited I was.

The other thing I noticed about this time was that I was having more and harder erections. I’d never thought about my erections before, because everything seemed to be okay, but now I discovered that it was possible to have much harder erections than I had ever experienced before. Of course, as a 28-year-old virgin I was an almost obsessive masturbator, and I noticed around this time that my ejaculations were much more forceful and my orgasms would actually last longer. I was nearly dying of pleasure sometimes, because I was coming so hard. Of course I got even more excited thinking about how this would be when I was finally not alone.

After about four months I reached what I think of as my half-way point in my SizeGenetics penis enlargement program. By this time I had gained a whole two inches in length and one and a half inches in girth. And it didn’t really seem to be slowing down, although I knew that sometime soon it would, because most of the gain happens in the first few months and the last few it becomes less extreme. By this time I was also doing penis exercise regularly and I think that this helped with the gain and also helped to consolidate it.

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