Is Your Site not Indexing? Here are the Reasons

Have you ever faced this problem. Do you know how it effects your web or blog search traffic. Don’t you? Have you read our article in which we told that Search Traffic is not the main reason for the blog traffic. To read this article click here. But still SEO is needed for your blog.
We are also one of them at the time when we were blogging on other blog. At that time AllTechsGuide was not created. We learnt from our mistakes and now we created AllTechsGuide. We are expert now in blogging and SEO. We thought that telling the reasons for “site not index” will help all users of AllTechsGuide. How it will Help? After reading this article you will learn mistakes that you have done or you are doing with you SEO and after that you can prevent yourself from doing this mistake again.
Think that if you are not doing mistakes in SEO then why google will not index your site.
“Why is my site not indexed” has became the mostly asked question. Because blogging has became passion of many people. There are many people in world who are trying to become professional blogger. When they start their blog they do mistakes in SEO and google doesn’t index their site.
Here is the list of the Reasons

1. Your Site is Indexed under www or non-www?

You know that according to Google  Algorithm, domain under non-www and www are considered as different domains. You can see the patterns for both type of domains.
If you are technical person then you may know that www is considered as sub-domian.
If you want to index your site complete then we suggest you to index both types of your domain.

2. Are you Sure that Google has Found your Site

Most of the beginners don’t think about that. They just want to index their site without any work. How is it possible?
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As we told above we have already experienced all these issues. There was a time when we were also included in that type of people. It happened to us when we created our first blog. We didn’t submitted sitemap for our blog. We have also described our journey in about page in which you can read what we faced when we started blogging.
Have you submitted your sitemap? If not then what are you doing. First submit your sitemap then read this post. And the other thing to crawl and fetch your URL. You can see guide which was made by official Google Developers.
Here is the guide “What is XML Sitemap? How to Create XML Sitemap in WordPress?”
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3. Maybe your Site is Blocked by Robots.txt

You may also have problem with your robots.txt file. Have you ever edited your robots.txt file
AllTechsGuide robots.txt
You can see our robots.txt. This is showing you the default robots.txt.
If you have not edited then it is possible that you are using some plugins to automatically do SEO and to edit your robots.txt. You can also read about robots.txt by clicking here.
How is your thinking? How is it possible to automatically do SEO?

4. Does your Site has XML Sitemap?

As we told you above that some beginners don’t submit their sitemap. How you can think about indexing without having sitemap. We asked you to submit your sitemap but what if you don’t know to submit sitemap. If you user of AllTechsGuide then you don’t have need to worry about anything.
We will show you how to create sitemap for your site.
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Here is the guide “What is XML Sitemap? How to Create XML Sitemap in WordPress?“
It doesn’t index site after just submitting sitemap it can take upto 24 hours. If you checking your indexed pages by writing then you must remember that you can not indexed your all pages if you are not verified company or you are well know blog. But if you have submitted sitemap then google will show search results for your site according to keywords and popularity of your blog. Popularity means that if someone is also using same keyword and has high rankings then it will outrank you link.

5. Is there any Crawl Errors

Sometimes webmasters can not index you URL. You can check about those URL in crawl errors. In google you have to go to your site in webmasters and you have to find crawl where you will also see crawl errors. There is very possibilty for crawl errors. It usually occurs when your site page is redirected to other page or the URL is not found.

6. Are you Sure your Site is not Private?

Sometimes users set their blog to be hidden from public. And then they submit sitemap. What is the purpose of sending sitemap if you don’t want users on your website.
May be you don’t know that you site is set to public or not. If you are using wordpress then you can go to Settings » Privacy to check your site privacy.

7. Does your Site contains Duplicate Content

If you one of them who publish same content to to increase their URL. Then you should stop doing that. It effects your site indexing. Many people think that if they will increase their URL then they will get more organic search. It is not possible. You should change your way if you want your blog traffic from search engines.
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8. Make Sure that your Site has not NOINDEX

One the reason is that your site contains meta tag for NOINDEX. Do you know what is NOINDEX? If not then why you done this. NOINDEX is attribute which disallows search engines to index your site.
Barry Schwartz wrote about it in SEO Roundtable

9. Do you use Custom .htaccess?

You know in which .htaccess is written. .htaccess file is in APACHE. .htaccess file is useful in your site indexing. By .htaccess you canblock crawlers and search engines to stop indexing.
You should not edit .htaccess if you are not a developer. Or you are unaware of coding.

10. Site Loading Time

Site Loading time also effects your indexing make sure that your website has faster loading time. You can visit Google Page Insights and pingdom Test to check your site loading time.

11. You Site is Deindexed

May be someone reported your site for some reason. It can have negative impact on your SEO. Google consider site as spam when it is reported then it deindex your site that is they also remove your indexed results.
It is possible that we have forgot to tell you about which is important.
You must also read Eric Siu’s post on the topic
After that recover from the penalty and prevent any further penalty
Indexing is the foremost important part of SEO. You should ignore this. If you have read this full post then may be you have found the reason for your site not indexing.
May be you have found this article helpful and maybe you want to give feedback then whatyou are waiting for. Scroll down to comments below to give feedback.

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