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One would hardly argue against the fact that in a business context, the term ‘offshore’ denotes a kind of tax avoidance and sketchy business policy. Offshore Web hosting is, at times, an integral part of business world. North America is an ideal example where it is preferred because of the issue of privacy and security standards, which can be delivered outside of American soil only.

Lower levels of government constraint, interference and instruction in business activities, encouraging taxation policies, increased profit opportunities and special secrecy and confidentiality laws to protect offshore entities are some of the favorable aspects of offshore web hosting. Let me put it in this manner that these aspects have given birth to a number of offshore Web hosts in places like Central America, Caribbean and certain parts of Asia.

Some people prefer offshore web hosting solutions for its advantage of being inexpensive. It is worthwhile if it helps you. Its cost is an advantage if it’s necessary. It may not be of supreme importance for you, though may be for others. So, think deeply before misusing money.

Costing in Offshore Hosting – One can never take an oath and swear that the huge popularity of the offshore hosting service is entirely due to its low cost and money saving property. But it is true that compared to other places offshore web hosting and its likes comes at quite a cheap rate. In fact we even have data to confirm this statement. It has been proven through an intensive research that was done on an hourly basis in US, UK and Ukraine. In the US it is about $35-$75 while in the UK it is $25-$50 for every hour. However in Ukraine the rate is as low as $5-$20. Therefore even if we cannot swear on the reason for its popularity we can easily take an oath on its being your best choice when seen from a money-saver angle.

There are various factors that prompt you to think of a hosting provider outside of your home country. They are-

1. Due to the issue of controversial content that you publish, the famous and well reputed companies can block your site with the aid of money and lawyers.

2. To protect yourself from blackouts and natural disasters, you have the benefit of guaranteeing yourself multiple mirror locations.

3. You will have full protection from any type of restrictive censorship.

4. Content-delivery to audiences away from your main hosting source is properly done.

5. Against the hackers, it provides you with greater security.

Another thing that is definitely to be mentioned is that offering competitive hosting services from non-traditional regions of the world will soon be a reality. By controlling advantageous labor costs, minimal competition and relative lower costs of entry for beginners, this dream will be real.

You can be sure about it that offshore hosting providers usually take care of your privacy and let you buy your package as an unnamed customer. Some of them only ask for the information needed to receive payment. This secure privacy denotes a liberty to upload anything that does not violate the hosting provider’s acceptable use policy.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that different service providers deem different things illegal. No two hosts will think of the same thing as legal and therefore you have to be careful. Always read the AUP properly before you upload any document. Generally in all web hosting services child abuse videos i.e. child pornography, terrorist sites, spam investment sites etc are considered illegal and are severely banned. For your own personal safety keep yourself above all of this as ultimately you would be trapped if you partake in any of these activities. Further keep away from sportsbooks since inspite of it being banned you might find it in certain offshore hosting services.

As mentioned above, perfect Internet access and minimum natural disasters are ideal conditions for offshore web hosting and HostingPanama ( declares that these conditions and tax friendly policies and strict confidentiality laws make the country perfect for e-commerce. This gets clarified as I mention that here shared hosting packages begin with $9.95 per month and dedicated servers with $149.00 per month.

Hong Kong is devoid of any barriers to trade and international institutions like Heritage Foundation and Fraser Institute of Canada add to this statement’s authenticity. Advantages like free entry of foreign capital and repatriation of earnings, easy procedures for starting enterprises and a minimum level of government interference are really favorable. With all these advantages, Hong Kong reminds us of Zentek International ( With plans beginning with $14 per month for 1GB bandwidth and 50MB of storage, Zentek is there at your service with confidential sign up and private domain registration. It also endows you with offshore Web hosting, dedicated servers and colocation.

There are also options like facilities in Nassau, Bahamas and Kingston, Jamaica) and the largest offshore dedicated server providers in Malaysia). Benefits of Hosting Offshore-

Let me put it in this way that offshore hosting lets you keep your data private and it also endows you with an international coverage. The clients do like it.

Why is regular offshore hosting not as good as anonymous offshore hosting?

My confession is that even now offshore hosting companies prefer to have information regarding you intruding in your privacy. By this, you are also forced to use your credit card. The solution to this problem is Anonymous Hosting (Anonymous + Offshore = Total Freedom!).

What about the speed?

The factors influencing the varying speeds are level of Internet congestion and the place you are in. you can decide to add local bandwidth for local audience in addition to International bandwidth for the international audience (normal plan). Thus, you can initiate a sales channel in a particular region in its local language. If the clients are closer to the service, then the speed significantly increases and the vice versa.

Outsourcing Offshore Hosting Company Services

For any offshore web hosting company quality should be your priority. You should look for quality and not price. Generally we look for a hosting company that will provide with all the necessary features and not a part of those features at a low rate. Further the customer care centers of such companies will also be good providing 24 hour service and it is an advantage since customers all over the world have to be dealt with. You also get to know all you need to if you are a newcomer in this web hosting world.

Hosting Offshore Company Conclusions

If we put it in an order, the benefits of offshore web hosting companies are high-quality customer service and lower price. Next, think about the separating and distinguishing the line between cultures. Other significant aspects are the work ethics and mode of communication. Let me assure you that the communication has to be good for the future development of your website. If you are able to properly convey your needs and they can live up to your needs with a proper understanding, then only will success come to your business. So, you have to intensely think about the issue of work ethic and communication. It is primarily your responsibility to manage and run your website swiftly.

Having taken everything into account, it can be said that the aspect of offshore outsourcing your web hosting, design and development needs can be beneficial for you only if it can provide you with all the services that you are in need of from the cheaper service. You also have to assure that you cover your bases.

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