The Secret to Traffic and a Successful Business

He has one big problem, no visitors and no customers. Johns place is located in a remote area and the only way there is on an old gravel road.

John then decides to build a sign pointing to his business and he will get a few visitors, but it’s not enough to keep the business going.

He then gets the bright idea of advertising his business at the popular lakes in the region. His first stop is Twitter Lake. The place is filled with anglers. He proceeds to hand out flyers and business cards to everyone he see’s. Then Goes to Google+, Facebook as well as any other fishing holes he can find and repeats the process. He does this every weekend.

Little does John know is that the anglers are pretty upset at him. They don’t want to be pitched at day in and day out. They often bad mouth him amongst each other and his reputation sinks further and further in social and business circles.

At this point, John does not know what to do. Along with his flyers and business cards, he did hand out a small paperback pamplet on fishing tips, but still with all his efforts he does not get enough customers to keep the shop open. He was really depressed.

His wife seeing her husband all depressed said “Why not just go to one of your lakes and just fish and relax”. So John loaded up and went to Twitter Lake. On arriving all the anglers bit their lips and muttered amongst themselves waiting to be pitched at, but no, that wasn’t the case.

John unloaded his tackle gear, got out his trusty rod, threw his favorite lure in and spent time relaxing and fishing.

As soon as he casted a few times, he caught his first fish, then another, then another. John knew his stuff when it came to fishing. The other anglers took noticed and were impressed.

John decided to go the next day and decided to worry about business later. Off to Twitter lake again.

John more or less started the same routine setting up his spot. He did however notice something different. He was greated by a few anglers, got a few smiles, and later on it happened. A few anglers came up to him asking his advice, asked him what bait he was using and he told them. John also fixed a few reels and rods. Sooner than he knew it he was selling lures, hooks, and a few reels and rods. He came well stocked.

At the end of the day he finally figured it all out and the answer was so simple. Customer relations and a good reputation is the secret to success in business. You don’t have to hard sell or try to drive traffic in a forceful manner. Customers have to want to go to your site as you provide knowledge and quality they are looking for.

This is dedicated to all you link bombers. Cheers!

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