Toddler Tuesday – The Love Nugget’s Christmas List

We had a very windy day yesterday that kept us indoors. I really dislike the wind and my new bangs agree! So besides a trip to the gym we hung around the house, cleaning, reading, playing and shopping online for Christmas gifts!

What!?! Christmas! I know, I know, we’ve just begun November but I’ve already been planning and shopping for Christmas. Not that I want it to arrive any sooner. I love October, November and Thanksgiving but I also like to be on top of my holiday shopping game. Especially with The Love Nugget. As most kids do, he wants all the toys, all the time… However, we’re not made of money and are on a single income so getting him things he wants becomes a little more difficult. I’ve found that by spreading out my holiday shopping, I end up spending less and getting great gifts at great prices.

The real point of today’s post is to share some Christmas gift ideas for kids. Since I have a boy, most are boy related but some could easily be gender friendly.

Leap Frog Factory Phonics, Leap Frog Numberland, Leap Frog Chat and Count Cell Phone, and Leap Frog Read With me

The Love Nugget is obsessed with Scout and Leap Frog toys. When you ask him who is best friend is he says, “Scout!” He has a laptop that says, “Your my best friend.” Whenever we see any Scout toys in the store he gets excited and asks for them. I love the fact that they assist in learning and he loves that they many can be programmed to say his name.

KidKraft Uptown Kitchen, Wooden Cutting Fruit, Mighty Mixer, and Coffee Maker

I prefer wooden toys over plastic as it’s a good way to cut down on the amount of toxins The Love Nugget is exposed to. They are easy to clean and very durable as well. The Love Nugget enjoys playing with the kitchen at Growing Brilliant so when I mentioned getting one he was ecstatic! Ever since then he keeps talking about having his own kitchen to go by his table. Of course to go in the kitchen we’ll need cutting fruit and kitchen tools

Basketball hoop, Nerf Footballs, Mini Golf set and fishing set

The Love Nugget is already loving sports and his new big boy room will be decorated in a sports theme. Which he’s excited about. So of course he wants some sports related toys!

Disney Cars racetrack, Tonka Garbage Truck, Disney Planes Remote Control, Melissa and Doug Puzzles

With boys come cars, trucks and tractors right!?! It’s so funny how they just magnate to certain toys. Before he had even seen the movie, he loved Cars. Now that he’s seen it, he wants the toys even more! He also went with Dada to see Planes and loved it as well. I think most little boys are obsessed with garbage trucks since they most likely get to see them weekly. At least The Love Nugget is! Which is why he keeps asking for a garbage truck. Oh and puzzles. When we ask him what he wants from Santa he says puzzles. Loves them!

That’s it for now. We’re off for a busy morning of gymnastics then Spanish! Fun, fun!

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