Your headline is the grand entry gate into the world of your product, service, or business opportunity.

Whether these headlines by newspaper journalists were on purpose or mistakes, they sure caught my attention and tickled my funny bone. Ultimately, using solid search engine optimization techniques is the best way to get found, if you are vying for top search engine ratings on Google. It’s good to include the keywords in your headline and in the body of the article. Right now, I am not going to go into all the details of how to do SEO research or how all the specifics how to write a headline. If you do get found, a funny or thought provoking headline will increase your chances of attracting clicks to your blog or marketing and sales copy.

Attraction Marketing has become an Internet buzz phrase that’s used constantly in the cyber world of Internet marketing. The premise of Attraction Marketing is attracting or enticing customers and prospects to “opt-in”, not because you hard sell them but because they were attracted. You create a compelling story or review of a product or business that ATTRACTS them to you. They may even give you permission to sell to them. There’s a big difference between Attracting and Selling. If you are a blogger and all you do is write to sell and your headlines and content always have a sales motive, it can be a turnoff.

HEADLINES ATTRACT: Here are some of my recent article post headlines, from this blog:

A great headline will provoke interest, and likely generate a lot more clicks — who knows? Maybe someone will even read the article! Writing headlines that attract is an art form and a lot of fun. A great headline followed by humor or a thought provoking message, linked to a targeted “take action” message is effective.

If your message provides thought provoking substance whether serious or humorous, directed toward your specific target market, and meets a need or solves a problem with quality and relevant content, you will win hands down. If you enjoyed this article, please by all means make a comment or click on the “tweet-it” link below.

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