Who said Zombie cannot trigger a gun? This game is the prove! ARMY VS ZOMBIE is the push forward tower defense game which you will fight against troops of zombies holding the guns, riding vehicles from 20th century! Save the world from this invasion as you are the soldier who have been sent from the future with the high tier weapons. Cooperate with the allied force to get rid of the Zombies!

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ARMY VS ZOMBIE from GRIZZLE is the push forward tower defense game like “Samurai VS Zombies” as mentioned in my previous review. The game illustrates the story during the world war II. Hitler uses his secret military tecnology to forming the immortal walking troops who never tire of fighting but more important thing, they can trigger guns! The situation of the battle is changed instantly, the world is now chaos in the Zombie invasion. In the meantime, people miserable with no hope. The soldier equipped with hi-tech arm shows up! the fate of the mankind is in your hand as you are the leader in the battle field! Blast zombies then capture all their bases around the world.

In ARMY VS ZOMBIE, You will control the man with a mech-arm and your mission is to capture the zombie bases around the world. The undead walking troops will be sent from the enemy fortress on the most-right of the screen. You can tap left/right to control your hero movement, once he engages the zombies he will fire his shotgun automatically as the range attack, he will kick the zombie if he approaches them in the melee range (I don’t understand! why don’t he punches em’ with his mech-arm!). By the way, only you cannot win the power of the undead troops. Recruit your comrade with the oil which will be increase in a period of time.

Like in “Samurai Vs Zombie“, the hero must be the strongest character who can be relied by the mankind. He will have skills which can change the situation of the battle field. The initial skill you will have is the big bang punch, your hero will charge the power on his mech-arm then blast out the punch! All zombies in the damage area will be pushback and stun for a period of time! After clearing the prerequisite stages, other useful skills like protect shield (by the way, in the game it shows at “prodect shield”) will be unlocked. One more thing, in some stages, there will be the mech-suit which your hero can jump in then Rock N’ Load!

The allied units are the important factor to grasp the victory in ARMY VS ZOMBIE as mentioned that only you can win this battle alone. The infantry unit will be there with you at the start of the game. In order to recruit them, you need to pay 20 Oil for each unit. Personally, I uses Jeep (35 Oil) to clear most of stages since they have moderate hp and attack but high mobility. If you play through the prerequisite stage, more unit will be unlocked. There is the healing units like Ambulance or other high attack with hp like Commander. As the exchange for the awesomeness, the higher tier units will consume much more oil as the summon cost.

This war could take long! the shop is the mandatory to place to upgrade the unlocked units and heroes as I mentioned above. Currently I have upgraded my Jeep to level 15 but not sure what’s the maximum level will be. You can design your own battle strategy, upgrade the units with the money obtained from each battle! Moreover, this shop also offers the items which reinforce your hero and the allied units, there are some useful items like the bullet which will increase the allied unit attack by 30%, you can choose the item your choice to change the destiny of the battle.


The stage in this game represents in a world map which you should clear in each stage then across to another country, there are 3 difficulties for you. In order to unlock all units and obtaining money and rewards easily. You should clear all of them from the “easy” one first. You can obtain more bonus coin from this easier as well.

Currently,I have passed to level 20. With the Jeep unit I have mentioned. In this game the oil consumption is mostly double for each higher tier unit. You should compared them wisely before upgrading any units. At level 14 Jeep will have 409Hp and 193 Attck, If compared with the summon cost which is only 36 it’s worthly. I use this unit with a gang of Ambulances (75 Oil) to push enemy back. By the way, my strategy cannot be done with the protect shield and Big Bang punch. Once you push to the front of enemy fortress and dealing damage to it for a while, there will be the large wave of enemy comes out for 1-3 times. What you should do is to use the big-bang punch to make them stun and let your allied firing on them. You could also activate your protect shield and stand in front of the battle line to prevent damage to your troops as well.

What’s your tactics? Please share it to us in our DISCUSSION BOARD!

In conclusion, ARMY VS ZOMBIE makes me addict to it. With a nice graphic and cool music that march you to the battle field. The gameplay is different from other tower defense game (Especially, for those who like to see Zombies firing the gun like me). When you struck in some levels you can also play the previous stage to farm up gold coin (That’s what I really like compared to SvZ). So many unlocks and tactics you can design. With the price of 1.99$ it is worthly!

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