Internet Income 2020

I just took some time to count the internet income made throughout 2008 and it wasn’t much. Some bloggers are making my total month after month. I just wanted to know how I did in 2008. So I can do much better in 2009. After looking at what I earned and where I earned them I see what I need to focus on. For 2009, I really want to build a passive income that keeps on coming in day after day, week after week, month after month. So I am taking the time to study many different ways I can go about that.

Lets check out my gross internet income for 2008 Direct Ad Sales: $180

Ad Networks: $200.90

Affiliate Marketing: $125.95

Domain/Website Flipping: $371.16

Services: $217.05

Paid To Click (PTC): $58.77

Poker: $17.06

Total Gross Internet Income Of 2008: $1,170.89

As you can see the top income is domain and website flipping. I absolutely love flipping websites. I can create something beautiful, take some time to promote it and bring in an income, and then sell it to someone will take it to the next level.

My plan to build passive income is promoting online casinos and poker rooms. As you can see I started adding reviews to this website but I will be making a blog just for promoting online casinos and poker rooms pretty soon. Maybe ill pick one pokerroom to focus on and see how far that takes me.

From my research the best way to build passive income is 3 ways. 1) Have your own product. I am planning to write another ebook but this time it will have its own domain and I will pay someone to do the landing page. I just might get it into clickbank. I am not sure as of yet.

2) Promote a product or service that has recurring payment. Good thing for me, I started promoting online casinos and pokerrooms. I just have to take it to the next level and focus on promoting one or two casinos and/or pokerrooms.

3) Get affiliates to sign-up under you for affiliate programs. This can be easy at times and hard at other times. Most affiliates see a website name and type it in directly. You get lucky when you have the link in a very informative article or review of the affiliate program. Try to focus on getting affiliates to sign up under you for affiliate programs that will pay you 5% – 25% of their earnings for life.

I got affiliates for adbrite and widgetbucks but no affiliate programs that pay you for life. Those ad networks only pay you a percentage of your affiliates earnings for the first year. The income is nice, just wish it was for life. 🙂 So for 2009, the focus is passive income. Making an ebook, promoting pokerrooms, and getting more affiliates to sign up under me in affiliate networks and ad networks.

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