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Games: The Netherlands does not know which way to turn The Netherlands has entered the list of countries that do not know precisely determine their policy on online gaming. Gambling on the net still remains a social taboo.

The Netherlands has entered the list of countries that do not know precisely determine their policy on online gaming. France has often been mentioned as it has repeatedly stressed the guide for online casinos: This directory has often wrote papers explaining the many twists to explain his state monopoly and to announce the opening of sites online casinos and online poker players. The Netherlands was in 2006, through the lower house passed a bill to allow online gaming. But this law had not only the Holland Casino is the French equivalent of the games in the Netherlands. Only the site was legal and all other casino sites that abound on the web were considered outlaws.

The upper chamber of the Netherlands has recently voted against the proposal to legalize online gambling in the Holland Casino. The Netherlands had taken a step forward and two are back by voting against this law. The vote was played on the wire because 37 votes were in disfavor the online gaming cons 35. The Netherlands then return back and all forms of online gambling is now illegal in the country of Gouda. Every Dutchman who played on a casino site online or bluffing a virtual poker room is considered illegal.

Europe is trying to speak as one voice will have trouble being heard because everyone is his own decision without consulting other countries. Brussels is clear in its policy on online games and expects every country to open its market. However, as can be seen with the Netherlands, countries make the decisions they want even taking the risk to alienate the European Commission. The United Kingdom and Malta have clear policies on online games and “whitelist” English gives carte blanche to casino sites, poker or sports on the web on this list. Of course, to be on this list, specific criteria and stringent checks are held for the online player can play without worrying about the reliability of the company behind a banner sports or casino.

It is likely that Amsterdam is called to order by Brussels. Moreover, it is one that fills the Netherlands rejected the games online. ACC 2008 (Casino Affiliate Convention combining the global online games editor’s note), held, like every year, in Amsterdam last weekend. All the major casino groups as Euro Partners Cpays, 888, Vendome, etc. are given appointments to meet with the ACC directory of casinos and discuss the evolution of online gaming in the world. The time that European countries are in tune on free online games, players continue to play on game sites online. Internet is a world without borders and free movement of people, goods and services and the basic foundation of the European Constitution.

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